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A Stylish and Organized Home Office

Hello friends!  Happy Tuesday to you all.  

Working from home has lots of advantages, the most significant being saving on travel expenses and eliminating the stressful commute.  However, to be productive, our home office must be functional and well organized.  Of course that a home office can be both well-organized and stylish.  After all, you will spend the majority of your day working in the space.  

My goal with this home office makeover was to create my ideal work space without breaking the bank.  With a mix of IKEA pieces, new desk, custom sitting and window panels, I created my perfect home office.  Today, I am excited to be sharing my 7 tips for creating a beautiful and functional home office.  An article that I put together in collaboration with Cottages and Bungalows magazine. (Follow direct link for the online article.)  So if you are looking for some inspiration for refreshing your home office space, then follow some of the tips below.

Locate The Best Space

One of the most important parts of creating a functional home office is selecting the right space in your home for it.  The best space will energize you and make going to work fun. I’m fortunate in that I have converted our sunroom into my home office.  It is bright, spacious and my version of the perfect office. 

Paint The Walls A Color You Love

Choose a color that inspires you and gets you moving!  For some people, that means bright and cheery while others need neutral and calming colors.  I went with an antique white on the walls and custom bench but added lots of color with the window panels and pillows.

Invest In A Great Desk And Chair

Your desk and chair should be functional and comfortable.  Consider your work flow before selecting your desk.  Do you need a large work surface?  Think of the items that  you need at your fingertips.  Do you want drawers for extra storage?  Your office chair should be beautiful as well as comfortable.

Be Creative With Your Storage

Invest in inexpensive bookcases.  They will keep you organized!  These will help you store books, magazines, fabrics and craft supplies.  I love using cube storage organizers to keep things neat and tidy.  It’s also an easy way to add warmth and texture to the space.  Use stylish enamel boxes, hat boxes and kitchen containers to store your essentials such as paper clips, binder clips, sticky notes.  Use wicker baskets to hold printer paper, labels, extra ink and scrap paper. For small desk items, use drawer dividers.

Don’t Forget The View

Place your desk where you can stare at something that motivates you.  A window would be ideal but if that isn’t your case, place your desk by a pretty piece of art.


Make sure your office has plenty of light.  Invest in pendant light and desk lamps for function as well as adding style to your office.. 

Make it Personal

Give your office a personal touch by displaying a few favorite photos or pretty decorative accessories.  Surround yourself with the things that stimulate your creativity and mind.  It should feel comfortable and enjoyable.

Direct Link To The Cottages & Bungalows Online Article
Thank you for spending your time with me today.  I hope that you have picked up a tip or two for refreshing your home office space.

Happy decorating.


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