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A Modern and Colorful Thanksgiving Table

Hello friends! Happy Monday to you all. Autumn kicks off the seasons for gatherings, spending time with family and friends around our tables. For that reason, fall is probably one of my favorite times of the year! Treating my guests to an inviting and welcoming table is just part of the experience when they come to dine at our home.

This weekend I put together this rich tone Thanksgiving table that balances natural elements with the gleam of a few metallic elements to give it a modern vibe.  

This beautiful and elegant Thanksgiving table was inspired by natures rich autumn palette.  The addition of gold and amber adds the perfect contrast and give this table its modern twist.  Deep tones and natural elements keep it comfortable and inviting.

Bring in a touch of nature to elevate your place setting.  Forgo the obvious choice like pumpkins!!  Pears, green apples or pomegranates can be part of your harvest decor.  For this table, I finished each place with a Bosc Pear an a thoughtful note.  A colorful floral napkin adds color and texture. 

This Thanksgiving, step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with bold colors, metal accents, and natural elements to give your holiday table some modern flair. 

Happy entertaining friends.


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